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 "As a cadet in the Easley High School Navy JROTC program, I understand and will uphold the Cadet Code of Honor. I will not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do. As a cadet, I am duty bound to uphold the laws of society, to respect those entrusted over me, to uphold the traditions of the Corps and to carry out my responsibilities as a citizen of the United States of America."

Honor, personal integrity and loyalty are fundamental characteristics essential to every naval officer, thus every NJROTC cadet. To develop or enhance these attributes in a cadet is to create in their mind and conscience a lasting awareness of what is right and honorable as opposed to what is wrong and dishonorable. Through such indoctrination each cadet will, by both habit and conscious thought, choose the honorable course of action in every situation.


Honor is a quality which renders a person unable to say anything less than the absolute truth in any situation, regardless of the outcome. It leaves him/her incapable of any action which would bring reproach upon his/her integrity. It is an individual’s personal honor that is the foundation for the honor concept in the Navy JROTC Program.

Each cadet MUST understand, therefore, the need for complete honesty and truthfulness in word and action, recognizing that false or misleading statements or acts are not excusable under any situation. All cadets MUST develop habits and traits which will sustain them under the most challenging situations.

The acceptance and practice of the highest standards of personal conduct is traditional with a naval JROTC cadet---a cadet’s word is recognized as his/her bond, their signature as a verification of truth, and their actions straightforward and above reproach. Thus, in measuring up to these long-established standards, it is essential that each and every cadet be a person of infallible honor at all times and under all circumstances.

The NJROTC honor concept is broad and general rather than specific and detailed. It is simply founded on the belief that each cadet must learn to make his/her own decisions about what to say or do in a given situation, with such decisions based on guidelines or principals of moral courage, honesty and human decency.

Our Corps of Cadet’s Code of Honor includes:

1. A cadet will not lie, cheat or steal, nor will he/she mislead or deceive anyone as to known facts. A cadet will be truthful, trustworthy, honest and forthright at all times.

2. Every cadet is presumed to be honorable at all times and to possess moral integrity in the fullest sense and will be treated accordingly, unless a cadet proves otherwise by his/her words or actions.

3. A cadet should neither permit nor accept anything which is not just, right or true. He/she must do the right thing because it is right, not because of fear or punishment or peer pressure.

A dishonorable act must never be excused because of "classmate, individual or unit loyalty." A cadet observing another in a dishonorable act may report the incident to the cadet honor board directly, or may prefer to reaffirm his/her observations and gain the offender’s viewpoint personally. A cadet who observes an honor offense and does not take action has failed in his/her responsibility to him/herself and the Naval Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps and our unit.

This Code of Honor must be practiced and upheld by every single cadet… to do otherwise will jeopardize the integrity of our unit and our reputation as National Unit of the Year.

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